Back Massage Magic Stretcher Fitness Equipment Stretch Relax Mate Stretcher Lumbar Support Spine Pain Relief Chiropractic

Back Massager Stretcher Fitness Lumbar Support Waist Spine Pain Relief

The  Back Massage Magic is designed to make stretching your back easy, safe, affortable and enjoyable.
Easy to use home treatment for spine problems.
Preventive care device for your spine.
Multi-level adjustment arch for greater reach.
Compact in design & portable – can fit nicely in luggage.
High quality & durable materials
It is being used to help:
relieve chronic back pain
correct postural imbalances
restore the natural curvature of the back 
improve flexibility in shoulder and back muscle.

True wireless stereo BT headset

Back Massage Magic Stretcher Fitness Equipment Stretch Relax Mate Stretcher Lumbar Support Spine Pain Relief Chiropractic

Countdown price: N17,000


High Quality & Durable

Our back stretcher device is made of tough and environmentally friendly ABS materials.Our Back lumbar support features 3 different settings to fully stretch and relieve pain in the lower back. Simply use for 5 minutes, twice a day for optimum results.

Improves Flexibility

Stretching your back on a daily basis enables you to strengthen the muscles of your back. In this way, your body can then be better prepared to take in the stress of your profession or lifestyle.

djustable Multi-Level Design

3 Different Stretching Archs that will exercise your back in a healthy way. Safely supporting your back, the ergonomic design features a spinal groove that cradles and protects the spine.You can fix this back stretcher device in a most comfortable level for easily stretch and effective pain relief.

Ergonomic Design

Basing on ergonomics concept, the contour of the lumbar traction device is in standard body curve to provide better spinal alignment and efficient acupressure massage.The lumbar support is uniquely designed to help correct and improve posture.

Portable and easy installation

Our lumbar stretcher is easy to install and use, and also lightweight and portable. Great for use at home, at the gym, in the car or at the office chair.Just 5-10 minutes a day,reduce back pain.

Our happy customer reviews



This item was out of stock for a while, but well worth the wait. My husband ordered multiple support cushions in softer & thicker material and all work well as intended including this stiff looking device. We tried to use this back support on flat and soft surface and it works great every time. It provided tremendous relief to back spine. Recommend! A+++



I try to use this daily for 10 minutes using the middle placement of the removable slat. Build yourself up to it because it can be a very intense and sometimes uncomfortable stretch; I sit at a desk all day and need something to keep my back and hips from tightening up so badly. This works well and despite my thoughts about it being gimmicky I think over time it’s helped to keep my back looser and more limber.



It dies what its supposed to. It helps my back. I don’t use it all the time. I did. I find less usage with this one better. My back and thoracic are are a mess from hard core life and heavy lifting labor work and combative sports and training. Even the first stage killed me at first. The 3rd is still to much for me. I also use a inversion table. Seldom at present. More strength work now.



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