Mini 12V Car Battery Tester Digital Alternator Tester 6 LED Lights Display Car Diagnostic Tool Auto Battery Tester For Car

12v 6 Led Car Battery Tester And Alternator Tester

Alternator state check.
 Battery state check. 
 Battery overload display.
 6-LED display, clearly present the alternator and battery state.
 Two testing clips for safe and easy operation.
 Small size and light weight, convenient to carry.
 Fit for car, motorcycle, etc.
 Suitable for 12V lead acid batteries, hardtop batteries, discharge batteries and maintenance free batteries heavy duty insulated clamps. 
 Easy and safe to use, no sparking. 
 With a good chip inside, not easy to get hot on the surface. 

True wireless stereo BT headset

Length of wire: 25cm / 9.84in Battery tester size: 12 * 5.2 * 1.8cm / 4.7 * 2 * 0.7in

Countdown price: N15,000


LED display indicates condition, for 12V battery only.

Alternator state check, battery state check, check before charge and overload display.

Alternator check : accelerate your engine to 2000 rpm when the green light is lit ,charging circuit is ok.

Battery check: indicate the percentage charging in the battery .

Charger check: when green light is lit, charging is complete.

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