New Rechargeable Trap Lamp

Rechargeable Mosquito Trap Lamp

Rechargeable Mosquito Trap Lamp Price:230GHC

  • Omni-directional mosquito killing, a real and effective way to catch mosquitoes, circular purification, harmless human body. –
  • Direct insertion type mosquito trap mosquito extinguishment lamp, highly effective mosquito extinguishment. –
  • Long endurance, can support outdoor anti-mosquito. –
  • multi-dimensional bionic photocatalyst, 360? emitting light wave, enhance attraction to mosquitoes. –
  • after continuous testing, the upgrade is silent to eliminate mosquitoes, to achieve low noise operation, to ensure the quality of sleep.
  • -mosquito lamp, high-voltage power grid, namely touch or die.
  • – compatible with a variety of mosquito catching methods, according to the interface + with usb power cord. – 360? no dead angle to kill mosquitoes, large space only. –
  • external protective net, low energy consumption of physical mosquito eradication. –
  • portable handle can be hung up to kill mosquitoes, outdoor farm is very convenient. 90? rotation, easy storage.

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Countdown price: 230GHC


Rechargeable Mosquito Trap

Mosquito lamp is a preventive tool and equipment against malaria, it has a specific features of attracting and terminating mosquito in our environment, it has the capacity to free our homes of mosquito. The product is totally safe and can last up to 3 days when properly charged, its very light in weight and has a handle that aides easy carriage and flexibility. It also serves as a night lamp and has a switch button to alternate the Trap light and Night lamp

Mosquito Trap Lamp

Get rid of all mosquito now… super power long lasting rechargeable inbuilt battery… lift up your home
How to use:
It is a rechargeable Trap lamp, It can work after Light goes off.
Place it in any corner of the room.
Off all light and close all doors and windows
Plug it to the wall and leave the room for hours before you get in to sleep.
Please never insert your hands into the panes, It will electrocute  you.

Mosquito Trap Lamp

It is an essential necessity in our offices, homes, hospitals and camps.

Mosquiito trap lamp is very efficient in clearing your environ of flying insects like; ,Mosquito.

Also serves as a home decor,

Serves as a night lamp 

4000mah battery

Chargeable with USB cable (inclusive).

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Overall, I’m impressed and love the padding on the bottom. It will definitely fit a two year old, too, if you remove the canopy. I’m glad I got this because it’s nice to have such a compact bed at my house since I babysit regularly. It beats having them lay on the bed or couch, where I need to watch constantly, or putting them on the floor with blankets. Perfect for on the go, too!



I absolutely love the idea of this portable baby bed. It is super lightweight and folds up nicely into itself and the added straps really help. I like that it can be taken camping or on overnight stays that might not have baby accommodations.



Right away I liked this because it is very lightweight, easy to carry, easy to assemble and breakdown. There are some design flaws such as the canopy and removable bassinet pad.



This is more of a travel baby bed than a toddler bed. This is padded on the bottom which is nice. The sun visor is nice, but only connects in the back with one piece of Velcro. I don’t think there is enough overlap from the top of the sun visor to the bed portion. 

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